The Best Out-Of-The-Box Car Games for Android Phone

The Best Out-Of-The-Box Car Games for Android Phone

Dr. Driving

Dr. Driving, brought to you by the developers of Korean-owned SUD Inc., is based on a simple yet ingenious concept you rarely see in car games. In Dr. Driving, the goal is to drive well, and not to drive at dizzying speeds, which is business as usual as it pertains to the majority of the genre’s Android-based games. You start out with a run-of-the-mill ride, which you have to navigate from point A to point B, and park it at the indicated spot. You have to drive efficiently while adhering to speed limits and traffic regulations, as the police are everywhere and the long arm of the law is eager to grab you by the scruff of your neck for any traffic violation you commit.

The Best Out-Of-The-Box Car Games for Android Phone

Talking of violations, causing an accident immediately ends your run, so Dr. Driving is definitely not the game to use as a medium for unleashing your reckless-driving tendencies. The intuitive and responsive controls are rather hard to master, adding another enjoyable challenge to an already outstanding game. For each completed parking mission, you’ll be rewarded with gold coins you can save up and purchase better vehicles with, or you can use them to repair the damage you’ve done to your ride.

Pako – Car Chase Simulator

Pako – Car Chase Simulator has an old school feel to it thanks to a nostalgically stripped-down gameplay and early 90s style graphics characterized by sharp-edges geometric shapes. In Pako, the goal is to evade the cops chasing after you and avoid or run over obstacles – which include tanks and zombies, just to name two of the stranger ones – as long as possible, until the inevitable crash happens.

The controls are easy to master, although each machine has its own distinctive handling peculiarities, which is undoubtedly awesome in light of the vast selection of cars and hidden vehicles you can hop into. Pako is free, which means that it comes equipped with an assortment of pestering ads, although the annoyance they cause is somewhat alleviated by the fact that you’ll earn in-game credits for watching them.

Hill Climb Racing 2

It would be hard to deny that Hill Climb Racing 2, the sequel to one of the biggest Android car game hits ever, is indeed a car racing game, but due to the franchise’s worldwide popularity and its out-of-the-box physics-based gameplay, it deserves a spot in our compilation. In Hill Climb Racing 2, you play as Newton Bill, and your goal is to overcome opponents and the laws of physics on a wide range of hilly race tracks, masterfully balancing your vehicle to not only get ahead of your challengers with well-timed maneuvers, but also to prevent your car from rolling over and turning Bill into an SUV-topped meat sandwich, and thus ending your race.

The controls are seemingly simple: you have a gas pedal and a brake, but using them the right way is much harder than you’d think. Winning your first few races is a breeze, but it get increasingly tough after a while, so sooner or later – unless you have unlimited amounts of time at your disposal – you might be forced to make an in-app purchase to get the credits required for upgrading your Bill Wagon and for buying new, more advanced vehicles.  Regardless, Hill Climb Racing 2’s 2D graphics and simple-yet-challenging gameplay bring an addictive old school charm that is hard to resist and which makes the game borderline impossible to put down.

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