Kick Up Mud in Dirt Xtreme Racing Game Review

Kick Up Mud in Dirt Xtreme

Players take part in a race against three other – initially computer-led – bikes. Once the tutorial is completed however, you’ll be sent to Arizona to begin your career are a dirt biker, and tasked with completing 30 levels against real-life opposition. Arizona isn’t the only location you’ll find yourself racing through either, as Machu Picchu and Madagascar are both unlockable further into the game.

Kick Up Mud in Dirt Xtreme

The races themselves differ in style and layout, with unique hills, bumps, and mud-pits all in the way to make things more difficult for you. The further you progress in the game the more challenges you face, so what starts out as a simple sprint to the finish line turns into a test of skill and endurance. This is when the two main buttons you have to press become crucial; lean your bike too far back when on an incline and you risk flipping over, the race all but lost. Don’t pull it back at all however, and you’re unlikely to get enough grip to pull ahead. It’s more a question of how much you want to risk crashing for winning.

Your rewards for winning are crucial to your improvement and progression in the game. Cogs act as the basic currency, which can be used on a number of things. The most crucial are boost and fuel top-ups. Boosts are limited to ten, so when you run out of these you’ll be unable to give yourself that crucial push past an opponent. Fuel is used for every race so is required to be topped up with cogs, although the game will do this for you after a certain amount of time anyway.

Cogs can also be used to purchase coins, which themselves unlock a variety of items to help improve your bike, including engine and suspension parts. These will all improve the power, speed, and jump of your bike, making you faster and allowing you to race on more difficult tracks. It may take a while to improve your performance, so there an in-game purchases of cogs to give you a head start.

Animations, flags, avatars, and styles can be designed and changed on your character, allowing you full customization of everything you see. Cases will provide you with gifts after a certain amount of time, increasing the amount of items you have without costing you vital currency.

There are even deals on the black market, where you can purchase valuable upgrades for cheap. This depth of gameplay means that there’s so much more to think about in Dirt Xtreme than just winning the race; it makes you consider how to get there in the first place. It’s a brilliantly fun app if you take it as a simple one, but consuming it you look at it more seriously.

Crash of Cars: Bumper Cars on Steroids

The aim of the game is to finish a round with as many golden crowns as possible. These spawn in random places for you to pick up, but the majority of them will be collected after a car is destroyed. If this happens to a car holding just one, then one will drop for you to collect, but if they were holding 20 at the time, then you’re in luck. Luckily, signs indicate the name of the driver, as well as the number of crowns they own, making them the group target. However, if you just so happen to be that blown up car, the round is over, and your crowns are counted.

Depending on how many you found, you’ll be rewarded with gold coins which act as in-game currency, and can be used to unlock new vehicles. Every time you do this your XP will increase, and in doing so you may be rewarded with the more precious green gems. These can be spent on higher luxury cars, but won’t be available for quite some time – unless you decide to pay for them with real-life money.

There are several ways you can go about destroying the other vehicles, including ramming into them, pushing them into water or potholes, and using power-ups. Power-ups come in big blue boxes with question marks on them, not too dissimilar to those found in the Mario Kart series, and will provide you with a random selection of missiles, a flamethrower, speed boosts, and more. If you manage to get a hit on an enemy, a health bar indicates how close they are to death. But you’re vulnerable too, so make sure to keep an eye on your own.

Crash of Cars takes place over several different maps, one resembling your average town, another sending you into outer space, every one of them different shapes and sizes. Manoeuvring your vehicle around the map requires just tapping right or left on the screen; it constantly moves forwards, so only a change of direction is necessary. Movement is surprisingly simple and reactive; those who have played the classic Micro Machines will recognise the skidding mechanics used here.

Perhaps the game’s finest feature is that it pits you in the ring with real-life players. Although it doesn’t require online access – offline mode is available – it’s great fun knowing that the car opposite you is being driven by somebody half-way across the world. If anything, it makes the competition fiercer, especially with the inclusion of a weekly league table.

Crash of Cars is a fantastic idea done well. Just the notion of having a flamethrower attached to your vehicle as you drive around blowing others up is a fun one, but the ease of play makes it even more enjoyable. With all the time it would take you to unlock the game’s plethora of vehicles, this is the app to take your rage out on.

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