Inkl – The brighter side of the Internet

Inkl – The brighter side of the Internet

inkl is a news aggregator app. There are many of these kind of Android applications, even Google News does this job. However, inkl is a bit different. While other Android apps collect their news with a formula which collects the most popular and most “clicked” articles form the net. This seems to be a good method – supposing that people click on things they are the most interested in. On the other hand, however, this model simply does not work in the age of clickbait. Simply because you are more likely to click on an a title saying “You won’t believe Madonna ‘s beauty secret” than “Oil has hit the top on stock market”. The first title is interesting. The second article is important.

inkl has a genial mechanism for collecting articles that are really count. This Android app can very cleverly separate clickbait and false news from serious issues. Besides, inkl contains a very sophisticated searching mechanism, enabling the user to find the most important articles of current topics in seconds.

Another great advantage of the app is that there are no ads and no paywalls – you are not going to be stopped while reading. The creators promise a fast loading time for articles, and this is mostly true: inkl may not be the fastest loading news feed application, but is certainly one of them. These features makes this app an awesome partner in reading the news.

What I personally like in this application is that it makes news available offline as well. Being a commuter, I really enjoy this, since I am not bond to uncertain mobile networks when I sit on my train in the morning.

When it comes to my personal experience, I must mention the extremely well-made privacy settings. There are no cookies, no add-ons, no spy software to check where I am surfing on the net. This is very important to me, since I do not want to be judged by the stuff I like to open. I am really keen on reading different opinions, which means my political believes cannot be unveiled by analyzing my reading habits. But what you’d find by looking at my newsfeed would be very disturbing.

inkl is a very good piece of software for those who like searching on the web for political, scientific or economy-related news and do not mind if they miss the new release of the freshest girls’ band. Of course, inkl is dominated by English content, which means that it is dominated by news from the UK or the USA. However, it still present a plenty of viewpoints and good perspectives on the most important issues.

If I should give one reason to download it, I would say it is the offline mode. If you do not want anything, but just simply read some kind of news comfortably, it is already worth to have inkl on your Android phone. But of course, this is the tip of the iceberg. Thanks for visiting

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