Best to-do apps for list maniacs

Best to-do apps for list maniacs


Todoist literally gets your life together – it syncs everything together and never lets you to forget about anything. Todoist has a very user-friendly surface which makes handling easy. The user first adds a task that has to be done then combines it with a date and if he wants, with further useful information, like categories (personal, work, errands, movies…), personal labels or the level of priority. Ticking everything on your list is guaranteed with Todoist thanks to its – almost even annoying – reminding system.  

Not only the application itself sends reminders time to time, but it also connects with the user’s Google account and sends emails as well through Gmail. Annoying or not – undoubtedly effective. And talking about Gmail, the graphics, the design and the arrangement of the tools are totally similar. On one hand it makes organizing easier thanks to the familiar surface but on other hand, a colorful and more customizable surface helps users to get more motivated with completing the tasks. Todoist is more for pragmatic people who like to have everything transparent and clear.


TickTick comes with a similar surface as Todoist but with very simplified options. The user adds tasks and ticks the ones that are done. What makes it still more than a hand written to-do list is its reminding system – combined with priority levels – and the calendar view to get reminded by a quick look. And of course: its developed closs-platform features. You can add tasks also via email and attach media files as well.

TickTick also provides some basic cooperation functions to delegate to-dos but that’s not the main profile of the app. On the negative, its categorizing system is not the best. Altough classification can be done by using tags but it’s not organizing tasks accordingly thus things can get a bit chaotic. Suitable for people who need a quick and simple solution to keep things in mind but not planning to bring off bigger projects with the collaboration of several partners.


If you want something bit more customizable but still simple and minimal, then Wunderlist is the perfect golden mean. It allows the user to organize tasks by categories (e.g. movies to watch, shopping, travelling…) and to add the due date, reminders, subtasks and other comments. Wunderlist works as a cross-platform app as it is synchronizing between all devices.

You can use it anywhere: can it be a smartphone, a laptop, a tablet – or if you left all those at home, you are able to get access to your lists even on desktop or laptop through an online version of it. It is also suitable for cooperation and for dividing to-dos between people.

Google Keep

Google Keep is recommended for those who are looking for a more colorful yet well-organized platform. Create boxes of lists sorted by categories and add a color to it to keep them nicely separated – you don’t have to choose from given categories, you can create your owns. Moreover, besides writing the list, users can also make voice records, photos, or they can also draw something herewith giving diverse options to have also some fun while planning busy days.

The total synchronization, due dates, reminders and sharing with others of course work with Google Keep as well. The result is a cork board-like look with many colorful post-its on it. Although it is true that for accomplishing bigger tasks – for example complex work projects – is not very suitable as it is simplified and is not able to delegate tasks in an organized way, neither has a calendar view to give an overview of to-dos.

Tasks N To Dos – To Do List (Free)

Tasks N To-Do’s – ToDo List has two versions, one free (ad supported) and one paid version. The paid version has no ads and a number of other features, such as ability to add photos and backup/restore lists, and even add it to a map. When you first open the app, you are presented with a summary screen of your task lists. To see the specific tasks for each list, you simply swipe your finger across the screen. The user interface is very easy to use and figure out. For each task you can assign a due date, reminders and priority.

Tasks N To-Do’s – ToDo List uses color coding to help organize and highlight tasks. If a task is set as urgent, the background is shaded red. A task’s priority is set by different colored stars. You can easily add details to every task and even indent your notes. The app allows you to select the sync mode and will connect to your Google account. The app has been optimized to work on Android phones and Honeycomb tablets.

ToDo List Task Manager -Lite (Free)

ToDo List Task Manager also comes in two versions, one free (ad supported) and one paid version. The paid version has no ads and a number of other features, such as exporting your lists and the Sync add-on. is a web-based task management service. When you first open the app, you are given a list of all your tasks. To get more specifics of that task, just click on it and a new window will open, showing all the details. When adding a new task, you can edit and adjust its status, due date, priority level, category, alarm and if it repeats.

ToDo List Task Manager has the option to view all tasks on a full screen calendar. There is a small manual online for those who need it. The app does offer a lot of options. You can adjust font size, colors, calendar colors, default values for numerous items, and even the priority system. You can choose the priority system, such as numeric, Covey, MoSCoW, Eisenhower, ABCDE, and so on. There are also eight different sized widgets you can use on your home screen. provides the most creative and customized way to keep your life organized. It gathers together the strengths of Todoist and Wunderlist kind of apps with the pros of Google Keep. It features all mentioned functions such as categorizing, delegating, reminders and an arrangement that is easy to understand as it divides tasks by days. It has nice and pure graphics while it also gives a chance for the user to customize – for example to add photos, videos, or other files to the notes.

Using it together with its additional app, Cal, it even makes possible to have a calendar view of to-dos. It really combines most of the positives a list making app can have. has only one bigger deficiency: its syncronizing system. Sometimes it doesn’t work efficiently and the app doesn’t have an online or a desktop version yet which is blocking its comprehensive accessibility and usage.

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